Welcome to Science-Planner

Science Planner is a free web based planner for busy science teachers and technicians.

  • Enables science departments to collaborate lab requests.
  • Online teachers' planner makes lesson planning easy.
  • Collating lab requests from teachers' planners and presenting them to technicians.
  • Designed to make teachers and technicians lives easier.

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Teacher Planner

Plan lessons for the days, weeks or months ahead. Add extra lessons and other events. Add links for slides, resources, risk assesments etc.

Manage Lab Requests

Capture lab requests in the Teacher Planner and display in the dedicated technician view. Collated by day and lesson. Mark lessons as prepped when ready.

Shared Lesson Plans

Create shared lessons with lab requests, description, links etc., and reuse them across your department.

Long Term Planning

Plan all the upcoming lessons for a class in a single view. Plan a whole sequences of learning, weeks and months into the future. Easily insert and remove extra lessons.

Seating Plans

Simple seating plans for your classroom. Add data to create annotated plans. Move students around by simply dragging them into place.

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